ABOUT Legacy Yacht Rentals

Welcome to Legacy Estate Rentals, your gateway to unparalleled luxury experiences around the globe. We are proud to offer a diverse portfolio of premium assets, ranging from exquisite properties worldwide to opulent yacht rentals in the scenic landscapes of Southeast Florida.

As a family-owned company founded by three friends with a bond spanning over two decades, we bring a unique blend of friendship, passion, and a shared vision to create unforgettable moments for our clients. Legacy Estate Rentals is more than just a business; it’s a manifestation of our enduring friendship, shared values, and the desire to share our exceptional assets with individuals and families seeking to create lasting memories.

Within our legacy, Legacy Yacht Rentals stands as a distinct division, offering a bespoke maritime experience along the Southeast Florida coast. Our commitment extends beyond providing a rental; we aim to deliver an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether you’re exploring our lavish properties globally or sailing on one of our luxurious yachts, we are your trusted partner in crafting memories that last a lifetime.

Come, join the Legacy family, where the spirit of friendship, the joy of discovery, and the luxury of unforgettable experiences converge. Your journey with us is not just a rental; it’s a legacy in the making.


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